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Since 1990, CIE Group have consolidated their reputation as environment friendly quality suppliers dedicated, almost exclusively, to the ALUMINUM INDUSTRY.

With our background knowledge and experience about the aluminium and cans industry, CIE group offers different solutions specifically designed for metal finishing plants.


A "Green" company. Producers of Aluminium Anodising And Painting Plants

A “Green” company. Producers of Aluminium Anodising And Painting Plants. During these years Cisart have consolidated his reputation as environment friendly quality suppliers dedicated, almost exclusively, to the Aluminium industry

  • Established in 1973
  • Complete Customized ALUMINIUM ANODIZING And PAINTING PLANTS to Discerning Customers Around The Globe
  • Start From Conventional Manual Horizontal Lines to Highly Productive Vertical Ones, for Both Aluminium Anodizing and Painting.
  • Hard Anodizing, Chemical and Electrochemical Brightening, Conventional and Electrochemical Colouringof all types.
  • Flash Anodizing as an alternative to conventional pretreatment to powder coating.
  • From simple manual lines to sophisticated automated horizontal & vertical plants
  • Conventional plants for long architectural profiles as well as for smaller items
  • Anodizing plants for the automotive industry
  • Hard and thick anodizing
  • Chromic anodizing
  • Conventional and interference electrocolouring
  • Chemical and electrochemical polishing (bright dips)
  • Coil anodizing
  • Conventional vertical & horizontal powder coating
  • Compact powder coating
  • On line pretreatment tunnels, or off line dip pretreatment tanks
  • Anaphoretic coating for architectural profiles, die casting, heaters and smaller items
  • Coil coating
  • Automation systems
  • Bridge cranes
  • Treatment tanks
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Fumes captivation and treatment systems
  • Feed water and waste effluents treatment lines


Water and Waste Water Technology dedicated to METAL FINISHING LINES

CIE, with 42 years of experience, is proud to be the European leading company in design, development, manufacture and installation of waste water plants, specifically dedicated to metal finishing line. CIE operates worldwide providing unmatched efficiency, reliability and knowledge, thanks to its team of skilled experts.
  • 42 years of experience
  • estabilished in 1981
  • a young but highly qualified team
  • No licensed technologies
  • CIE designs and develops Technologies and products
  • Globally operating and global thinking
  • Long time experience in Z.L.D. with the first installation on 1989
  • Reverse Osmosis Units
  • Deionizing And Mixed Bed Units
  • Coalescer Deoling Units
  • Chemical Dosing And Controlling Units
  • Waste Water Plants (Pure-all Technology)
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (Z.L.D.) Plants
  • Teleservice And Teleassistance
  • Extremely restrictive local limits
  • No available sewer
  • No available water
  • Expensive water cost
  • 97-98% Washer Water Reuse
  • Environmentally friendly Ethical Reasons
  • Risk of dispute with local authorities
  • Superior quality of reused water in comparison with Tap Water
  • Possibility to plan installations indipendently of local legislation


Dedicated Chemistry for METAL TREATMENT & WWT

MST CHEMICALS develop a wide range of Surface Treatment, Lubricants and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals. It is specialized in treatment for Coil, Metal Packaging, Aluminium and Steel Substrates. With water consumption reducing and production speeds increasing MST Chemicals offer a complete solution to customers.
A complete solution for Aluminium Coil, Cans & Extrusions:
  • Surface Conditioner and Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment Specialities
Aluminium Can Washer Control Sistem It is the first aluminium can washer controller able to control and maintain the correct concentration ranges of:
  • Chemicals in Cleaner, Treatment, and Mobility Enhancer stages;
  • R.P. (Aluminium) in the Cleaner and Treatment Stages;
  • Water Consumption through Rinse salinity (Stages 3 and 5);
  • Conductivity of the final D.I. Rinse.
  • ALUGUARD 7000 is not a controller. It is an Analytical and MANAGING ROBOT of the complete can washer.
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